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Kind Classroom: A Teaching Resources ePack
Kind Classroom: A Teaching Resources ePack

Kind Classroom: A Teaching Resources ePack

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What's included?
  • 7 Circle or Group Games with a PSE focus (Personal, Social and Emotional Development) including kindness, bullying, self esteem etc.
  • 7 Whole Class Kindness Activities which encourage spreading kindness around the school and into the local community
  • A simple positive behaviour system for the classroom 
  • Useful list of books about kindness
  • 30 Acts of Kindness Suggestion Cards to set out with the Kindness Elves. These are all specific to school for e.g. "Can you sit with a child who is alone at lunch today?"
  • Blank Acts of Kindness Cards to print and write your own ideas on
  • Labels for games, the classroom and displays
  • Patterned writing paper templates for writing to the Kindness Elves
  • "Thankful" and "well done" star templates
Kind Classroom is an eBook packed full of helpful resources and printable materials for teachers using the Kindness Elves in their classrooms.

The Kindness Elves are the perfect addition to the classroom setting as they make wonderful mascots and are encouragers of kind and caring behaviour towards others.

They believe in everything we are trying to promote as teachers and parents and are a wonderful tool for inspiring more of this positive character development in the children.

From circle time games focusing on self-esteem, bullying and helping others out to whole class secret agent projects that encourage kids to do things for others without them even noticing, this pack is full to the brim with inspiring ideas!

Let's make this world a kinder, more considerate and tolerant place, one classroom at a time! Let the Kindness Elves be part of the story by bringing the magic of kindness to everyday life at school! 

Note: This is not a physical product, it is a downloadable ebook / pdf, and includes all the printables.

Note: This file is a little over 150MB and so you may prefer to download on a wifi connection. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great alternative

Loved this alternative to the “other” Christmas option. Making the focus acts of kindness is wonderful! I look forward to years of use with the adorable figures.

Great resource for school

Very useful ideas and reasonably priced. Looking forward to using them in my school. Thanks!

Best Elves Ever!

Thank you so much for creating this idea! I have used this in my classroom for two years and the kids absolutely love it. Thank you for my recent order of the classroom resources pack and accessories pack as well as the two baby elves! The only thing that I was sad about was that one of the baby elves arms has come loose and is unraveling. I will have to fix him somehow.

Nicola Betteley

I have bought 2 classroom kindness elves packs on behalf of the school where I teach, to try and promote kindness, consideration and respect and would like to buy one for each class in the school if funds allow. I think the packs are great - a fantastic idea to improve children's attitude towards others. I just haven't had a chance to go through them with the rest of the staff.

Amazing products

Beautiful resources and packed lovely. I’m looking forward to using them along with my kindness elves and story book which was a previous order - 😊 thank you.