Individual Kindness Elf
Individual Kindness Elf - The Imagination Tree Store
Individual Kindness Elf - The Imagination Tree Store

Individual Kindness Elf

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There are so many wonderful Kindness Elves, each with a personality and a story behind them. Explore the different families from the bubbly Potion Mixers to the whimsical Wish Makers.

Every Kindness Elf has a special card that tells you all about them, including:

  • an introduction
  • their special talent
  • their hobby
  • their virtue

If you add another Kindness Elves product to your cart, you will be given the option to add an additional Kindness Elf for 30% off :)

[NOTE: This is not a toy, and is not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts]

Customer Reviews

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Kindness Elf sure to bring joy with my toddler!

I love the idea of the Kindness elf which can be used to highlight the kindness that is already in our world, but to also encourage kindness in areas we need more of it.

Personally I'm not a fan of the mischievous Christmas Elf as it doesn't really speak to the spirit of Christmas. So I was delighted to find this alternative which is very cute and festive!

I'm so excited to start this tradition with my little girl and teach her the ways of kindness with the help of our little elf which we have named "Joy." I highly recommend this product. :)

Great resource

Good for a PSHE unit around play skills and kindness! Thanks!

We love our kindness elves!

Love the message these send the kids especially during the holiday season. These elves are so cute and well made. I have had to replace them yearly but I will say our elves get a LOT of love. My kids enjoy them and hold them and pose them. They also get really messy when they hide places to surprise the kids. I can’t believe how well they hold up considering. It’s such a great tradition!

Wonderful toys

We bought our son kindness elves as they looked so sweet and we loved the idea of them sharing kind ideas. Our son loves them. He looks for them every day, writes them notes, thinks of kind things to do with them, he even made them little beds. ❤️ We also got a family of three, like us, and our son loves that too. Such wonderful elves!

Rachael Teare