NEW: Camp Kindness eBook

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What is it?

* A fun-filled summer camp eBook packed full of 6 weeks worth of great activity and act of kindness ideas to use at home, in the neighbourhood, or with organised school/ church/ community groups, with lots of printables.

* It's Summer Camp with a Kindness twist! It focuses on not only having fun but also teaching empathy to kids through the magic of the Kindness Elves, with easy daily kindness projects to complete.

Storytellers Page

Story Tellers Page 2

What does it contain?

* 6 weeks worth of easily achievable and fun activities for kids to do each day of the summer break, 5 per week
* 6 weeks worth of easily achievable and fun Acts of Kindness ideas to do each day, 5 per week. These are sometimes even linked to the activities too.
* 30 printable ice cream shaped activity cards
* 30 printable heart shaped Acts of Kindness cards
* Labels, lists, scavenger hunt and Camp Kindness completion certificate to print


* Over 100 pages of amazing content that you can keep coming back to, and use over and over again!


Camp Kindness Certificate