Camp Kindness


You'll need some Kindness Elves™ to play along! If you don't yet have some, click here to order yours now! 

STEP 1. Sign up to Camp Kindness on the form below (it's totally FREE!)

STEP 2. The Kindness Elves™ will send a weekly email starting Monday July 4th, packed full of ideas for a summer full of kindness

STEP 3. Pick and choose your favourites to try out with your kids at home, school and in the local community

STEP 4. We simply cannot wait to see your pictures and inspiring stores, so please share with us on our Facebook page (@thekindnesselves) and Instagram (@thekindnesselves) with the hashtags #campkindness and #thekindnesselves so we can find you!


What's it all about?!

Roll up, roll up for the kindest project in town!

The Kindness Elves™ have been busy working on an amazing idea for a Summer of Kindness campaign and it is about to start on July 4th!
You know those loving little Kindness Elves™ are always thinking up new and lovely ideas! They cordially invite you to join them in Camp Kindness, which will be packed full of brilliant ideas for showing acts of kindness and service throughout the school holidays. What better way to keep kids busy and thinking of others during school break?

"It's like a summer camp, but even better! It's a Kindness Camp!"

The Kindness Elves™ will share their ideas for helping others, volunteering in the local community, taking care of pets, taking responsibility at home and doing special surprise acts of kindness! They will give examples for both young and older children and offer ideas for extending the projects even further too.

Great news for parents!

We all know that summer time should be as carefree and happy as possible, so we are not keen on over-scheduling our Camp Kindness campaign at all. There may be many days where we are on vacation or just want to climb trees and paint pictures in the garden. We are parents and we get it!

Instead, we are simply going to send one email per week during the 6 week campaign, each of which will contain 5 lovely ideas for ways in which your child can get involved and spread the kindness all around them! We recommend picking and choosing your favourites to try out at home with your own Kindness Elves™ and little helpers and save up the rest for using at other times in the year and in the Christmas period too. 

Better still, all of these ideas are available in PDF format ready to print off and use immediately! Cut out the heart shaped cards and use them as little notes from The Kindness Elves™.  There are also some blank note card shapes for you to write your own messages onto.

Could it be any simpler? We love easy to use ideas that are ready to go! :-)

Share the Kindness!

Do you have a friend, family member or colleague who would love this idea too?! Please send them to this page so that they can join in the fun. After all, Kindness is SO much better when we do it together!