Treat or Treat!

Treat or Treat for Halloween with The Kindness Elves! Halloween is coming up soon and the Kindness Elves love to find some Random Acts of Kindness that can be done at this fun time! Instead of Trick or Treat they call it Treat or Treat, as there will be no mean tricks when they're around, just plenty of opportunities to spread kindness and love!

Treat or Treat Collage

Here are six fun ways to spread kindness at Halloween that the Kindness Elves have thought of. You can print these out on the cute little pumpkin Acts of Kindness Cards at home to keep and use with your own Kindness Elves too!

  1. Lend a costume to a child without one. Most of us have plenty of dress up costumes in the cupboard but not everyone is quite so fortunate. Maybe you could ask your classmates or neighbourhood friends what they are wearing and if it sounds like they don't have a costume then why not offer them one of yours to borrow for the day?
  2. Decorate a pumpkin for someone as a gift. Have you got an extra pumpkin lying around at home, or could you ask your parents to kindly let you choose one extra when you visit the store or pumpkin patch? Decorate it with paint, sparkles, sequins or stickers and leave it as a gift on someone's doorstep if they don't have any decorations!
  3. Say THANK YOU at every home you visit! It's SO much fun to visit all of the houses collecting treats but sometime's we are in such a rush of excitement we forget to stop and say thank you! Can you lead by example and be the first to say a big thank you on each doorstep?!
  4. Share out your treats with others. Not everyone gets as many treats as others and some kids aren't allowed to go out as far. It may be that you come home with a huge haul of treats. Could you share some with younger siblings or kids with less?
  5. Hand out toothbrushes! Just for fun, why not collect a set of toothbrushes at the Pound/ Dollar Store and hand them out to all of your friends as you pass them! All those treats will need lots and lots of tooth brushing :-)
  6. Take excess candy and treats to the Food Bank If you still have a huge amount of treats in the following days, why not see if the local Food Bank would like some to hand out to those in need?

You can print out your own set of Pumpkin Shaped Treat or Treat acts of kindness cards to join in the fun and magic of spreading kindness with kids this Halloween. Treat or Treat RAK cards PDF Set them out one each day in the week either side of Halloween and encourage your kids to be enthusiastic in their kindness and thoughtfulness towards others!

Treat or Treat Acts of Kindness

Please share what your kids get up to during the Treat or Treat campaign using our two main social media hashtags #kindkids and #thekindnesselves.

Show us their sparkly decorated pumpkins in process or being given to a neighbour, let's see the costume they pick out to lend to another child, and how about sharing evidence of the treat sharing or donations?! That would be so wonderful to see and we can't wait!

Click to download your free printable Treat or Treat Acts of Kindness Cards!

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