Acts of Kindness Ideas for Teachers

Kindness Elves with Pencils


Teachers have been the biggest supporters of the little Kindness Elves, bringing them into their classrooms, encouraging their wonderful students to spread kindness everywhere they go.  


The positive effect of these acts of kindness in schools, children's homes and wider communities around the world has been quite incredible!


This week is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK, and the Kindness Elves have prepared some well deserved acts of kindness for children to do for their teachers!  We've included blank ones as well in case you'd like to write your own!

Download and print for free here

Here are the Kindness Elves, in all their glory equipped with their Acts of Kindness Pencils:


Kindness Elf with Pencil

Kindness Elf with a Pencil

Kindness Elf with a Pencil 

Kindness Elves with Pencil


Kindness Elf with a Pencil



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