Happy Mother's Day 26th March (UK)!

Happy Mother's Day


The Kindness Elves think this is a perfect reason to celebrate and to spread some lovely acts of kindness far and wide to all of the mummies in the UK! 

Mums deserve lots of thanks and love for all of their hard work and selflessness, so let's share this idea with everyone and keep the message of kindness travelling.

We have prepared some simple acts of kindness heart cards for you to print below and use in the lead up to Mother's Day  (or indeed at any time!).

Mother's Day Flowers

These would be perfect for teachers to use alongside any Mother's Day craft activities in the classroom as a prompt for children to start thinking about how much their Mothers mean to them. Here are "20 Flower Crafts" to give you some ideas to get started!

Equally they would be great for another family member such as a Dad, uncle or grandparent wishing to start some lovely acts of kindness ideas flowing from the kids to Mum. Indeed, there's no reason that a Mum can't set these out herself from the Kindness Elves, of course, hoping that the kids love the ideas and put them into action!

I, for one, will certainly be introducing these Acts of Kindness cards with our Kindness Elves over the next few days and will hope that the kids get inspired!


Mother's Day Acts of Kindness Cards

To download your own Acts of Kindness Cards for Mother's Day click here for UK spellings and click here for US spellings.

Share your pictures and set ups with us on FB, IG and Twitter using the hastags #thekindnesselves so we can find you!

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