Back to School with The Kindness Elves™


We know that many of you who love our little Kindness Elves™ and everything they stand for are teachers hoping to use them in the classroom this coming year.
What you may not know is that Anna, The Kindness Elves™ founder and creator is also a primary school teacher and had many years experience working in UK classrooms.


From this angle, we totally relate to the use of The Kindness Elves™ at school and think they are a perfect resource for PHSE sessions, circle times, positive behaviour management and encouraging empathy between children both in the classroom and out in the playground too.

The benefits of having some Kindness Elves™ who belong to your class are many! There are so many themes to be explored along the lines of friendship, loyalty, sharing ideas, encouragement, kindness, altruism, empathy and understanding (to name but a few.) The Kindness Elves™ are a perfect addition to circle time discussions and make great class mascots for championing kind acts and helpfulness.

Even better, The Kindness Elves™ are notorious for their love of writing! They particularly love to write and receive letters, having a built in post box in their little mail room in their house! There are many ways to incorporate this into the literacy curriculum or even just for incidental reading and writing activities on a daily or weekly basis. They love to leave notes, so perhaps the whole class can come in and find one each morning! Or they may encourage writing letters to family, friends, other classes or even sponsored children around the world.

There are many ways to play and learn with The Kindness Elves™ and we simply cannot wait to hear more stories of how you will be using them in your own schools! We have already had some wonderful emails from lovely teachers, reporting such exciting things from their own classrooms.

Please drop us an email at to let us know how you're using yours. Or leave us a comment or photograph over on our Facebook page. If using Instagram or Twitter we will be following along though the month of September with the hashtag #kindclassroom



We are in the process of making a fabulous eBook and printables bundle for use in the classroom alongside your Kindness Elves™! There will be games, lesson plan ideas, printable sheets and signs, links to the curriculum and lots of ideas to keep your class busy and engaged while learning more about kindness and empathy! 
It's going to be a fabulous tool and resource for teachers of all age classes. Due to be released in September, sign up below to get on our mailing list and be sure not to miss it!


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